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On behalf of McProHosting,

Happy Holidays!

We're celebrating this Holiday by giving away thousands of free Snowflake Plans!

What's a Snowflake Plan?

Put simply, it's a chance to try out our brand new exclusive Holiday adventure map for 7 days 100% free. You'll get access to a trial version of the MCProHosting server hosting platform preloaded with the map.

What's the catch?

There's no catch; it's 100% free, although we do limit some of the functionality of the server. You can't install custom plugins or mods, and you'll only have access to our Holiday themed adventure map.

Our Free Snowflake Plan

1024 MB RAM

Our Snowflake plan is a great entry into the MCProHosting platform. It's roughly equivalent to our grass plan, and you'll get to explore our Holiday adventure map! Upgrade your server so you and your friends can enjoy all of the epic features of an MCProHosting server.

Absolutely Free

You don't need to enter a credit card, and you aren't obligated to anything. After the 7 days, unless you choose to renew, the server will be automatically deprovisioned. You'll also have the opportunity to make a backup of the files if you'd like to keep playing after the fact.

7 Days

MCProHosting’s Snowflake Plan will stay active for 7 days after you create it. During your free trial you can choose to upgrade to unlock all of the goodies that MCProHosting has to offer, such as, FTP File access, our premade map selection, and more than a dozen server types for you to choose from.

Contact Us for Upgrades and Support!

Our support team is ready to answer any questions you may have about your server and the services we provide. You can submit a support ticket at any time by going to your client area.